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The Bulldog Taxi program is sponsored by UMD Student Association.

Starting on Friday, February 7 2014, Student Association’s Bulldog Taxi program will be changed in order to provide students a more efficient and accessible service. Bulldog Taxi will no longer be run through Bayside Taxi. Instead, we will continue the program through Yellow Door Taxi. Please take note of a few major changes with the program:

1. Rides will be offered at 50% off the total cab fare (please tip accordingly).

2. You must present the driver with your UCard to receive the Bulldog Taxi rate.

3. Cab rides must not exceed $30 (no physical boundaries exist).

4. Yellow Door can be reached at 218-428-0911.

You may direct any questions to the Bulldog Taxi Director, Jeffrey Mcvay at



The Legislative Certificate Program, or LCP, facilitates students to work with legislators at the local, state, and federal levels to pursue meaningful change pertaining to issues facing UMD students, such as higher education funding. LCP is an excellent opportunity for student leaders to become directly involved in the legislative process and familiarized with our governmental system.

If you would like to get involved contact Mati Hanson: