The Committee on Student Life handles any non-academic issues or concerns that students may have around the school. We handle issues such as parking, food quality, increasing school pride, among a large list of other things. We commit ourselves to bettering the life of UMD students on campus. If anyone has any suggestions, would like more information, or would like to help out with any of our initiatives, please feel free to come to any of our Student Life meetings.

Contact: Sarah Stark


The Academic Affairs (AA) committee is striving to make meaningful changes in the academic environment on the campus of the University of Minnesota Duluth. As a committee, we have decided to take on a handful on initiatives that we plan to work on during the course of the 2013-2014 school year

The first initiative on the mind of the committee, is to maintain healthy relations with Library services, and to continue to evaluate library policies to ensure student needs are being efficiently accommodated for.

Another issue that has been an issue on the AA initiative list for the past couple of years, is enhancing Academic Advising here at UMD. This will be done by working with administration as well as faculty to find what the current problems with advising are, and what are some solutions that would help alleviate some of these issues.

Additionally, with the new Learning/Tutoring center, Academic Affairs is currently seeking to provide feedback and ideas for enhancements to the program.

The time of our committee meetings is after the UMDSA congress adjourns on Mondays. We often meet Monday, around 7pm, in the RDC333. For an exact date/time or if you have any questions, feel free to email Nathan Ernst at and he will be happy to answer questions you may have.

Note: if you as a student or faculty member have any initiatives you don’t see here that you would like to see taken up by Academic Affairs or Student Association, please email the committee chair, Nathan Ernst at and he will help your voice be heard.

Contact: Nathan Ernst

Academic Affairs meets every Monday night at 7pm in RDC 333.


External Affairs Committee strives to gather student input on issues and allows students’ voices to be heard at the local, state and federal levels of government. We work closely with the Legislative Certificate Program to advocate on behalf of students. A majority of the advocating is based on Higher Education Funding. The three major events involving the External Affairs Committee are Duluth-St. Louis County Days, Bulldog Day and Support the U Day, which all take place during second semester. If anyone has any suggestions or would like to help with our initiatives, please feel free to come to any External Affairs Committee meetings.

Contact: Rose Lindquist

External Affairs Committee meets every Thursday at 7pm in LSBE 165.


Public Relations engages with the student body of the university by communicating interpersonally and managing the social media of UMDSA on Facebook and Twitter. The Public Relations committee assists the committees of SA and student organizations on campus with promoting events. We open our expertise and connections to all students of UMD who desire our help with advertising an event on campus. Public Relations also manages tabling in Kirby and posting flyers around campus to bring additional awareness of events. The Public Relations Director manages the UMDSA cases by decorating them with events and information that is relevant to students. As a committee, we host our own events and also co-host events with other committees within UMDSA.Contact: Chelsea Cansino cansi002@d.umn.eduPublic Relations meets every Monday at 7:00 p.m. in the Kirby Lounge.


The Rules & Elections Committee’s purpose is twofold, just as the name suggests. It’s primary duty is to start and end each school year with elections, on for Freshman Representatives in the fall and then the general Student Association elections in the spring. Between elections, the Rules & Elections Committee focuses on the Student Association’s bylaws and constitution to improve internal structure, increase efficiency, and to revise any rules or guidelines that are outdated.

Contact: Daniel Hoff

Rules & Elections meets every Wednesday at 6pm in Solon Campus Center 6.


The Fund Allocation Committee is a committee that is responsible for redistributing Student Service Fees to deserving student groups on campus. Our goal has been to continue to increase the amount we give as well as the number of groups we give to, and we have been successful in doing so.  This year we have set aside $69,000 for student groups, compared to $66,709 that was available last year.  Overall, the Fund Allocation Committee hopes to provide student groups with the funding they need to achieve their goals, and get as much out of their experience at UMD as possible.

Contact: Ava Heinrich


Campus Outreach Director is primarily in charge of Leadership Assembly, which takes place once per semester. This person is also a sitting member on FAC and therefore plays an active role in helping student groups get their money! The main goal of this committee is to relay information from Student Association to student organizations on campus and vice versus. This year we are hoping to do just that by working more closely with student groups in order to bring our organization and others to their fullest potential.

Contact: Brittany Nystrom


Senate is a body of Senators from every coordinate campus of the University of Minnesota system. There are three different Senates. Faculty Senate, Student Senate and University Senate which meet once a month. Within Student Senate there is a total of 50 Senators. Each of these Senators represent their respective Colleges.

Contact: Nick Dalton


Marketing and Communications focuses on developing surveys, focus groups, and strategies for the UMD Student Association. We work close with all committees, and our goal is to provide the best strategies and statistics to better understand the UMD Students.

Contact: Hannah Osterheim