gemini 2 review Congress Minutes for 3/2/12

Congress Minutes for 3/2/12

UMD Student Association

*LSBE 118*

March 1st 2012


1.    Call to Order at 7:15PM

2.    Roll Call – Brittany Nystrom

3.    Guest Introductions

4.    VCSL Dr. Erwin

a.    Not here

5.    Approval of the Minutes

a.    Approved unanimously

6.    Approval of Agenda

a.    Approved unanimously

7.    Old Business

a.    External Affairs VP Resolution

            i.    Steve motions to take this resolution off the table, seconded by sean

           ii.    Jordan moves to amend article 12 subsection 2 subsection A, seconded by Harrison

1.    To strike out vice presidents and rep to regents – due to vote noted in the bylaws

a.    Questions/reasoning

                                                            i.    The reasoning is that vice presidents and rep to regents are the only one in exec- they will not have votes at both congress and exec- in the bylaws this will be noted

                                                           ii.    Hannah notes she is nervous between exec members not having a vote at congress – we need to remember this may be ideal but not realistically – congress makes MOST if not ALL votes.

1.    Hannah does not particularly support this amendment

                                                          iii.    This does NOT truly have to be done before this year’s elections

1.    Sean stated against that- for he believes we just need to get it done

                                                          iv.    This would go into effect next year based on student bodies approval

b.    TJ moves to motion the table, seconded by Maddie

c.    Jordan takes back the amendment, as does Harrison

          iii.    Notes

1.    This position WILL vote in congress and in exec

2.    This process has not been rushed, R & E has taken a lot of times

3.    Adding another VP position worries Hannah because we already have a retention rate problem- really think about your decision about this when you vote

a.    Steve- Currently there are already at least 1 person who is running for each of the VP positions as it stands

          iv.    Vote count based off written ballots: 25:5, DOES NOT PASS

           v.    Jordan made the motion to reconsider, seconded by Jacob

1.    Vote count, 23:0:8 PASSES

2.    ANDY calls into question, TJ seconded

3.    Ballot vote (now with zack’s vote): 24:7:0 DOES NOT PASS

b.    PR VP Resolution

            i.     Steve motions to take this resolution off the table, seconded by Cody

           ii.    Steve motions to amend, seconded by Jordan

1.    Based off R & E’s vote

2.    Name change to: executive Director of Communications as the article and in the sections

3.    Be in charge of communications committee, systems admin and graphic designer (separate or together) and then what MAC currently is.

4.    Vote on amendment: 23:3:4, name changes!

          iii.    Questions/ notes

1.    Not sure why this positions should have a vote in exec

2.    If MAC do not go through then this position will just be in charge of PR…

          iv.    Vote count ballot version: 18:11:1, vote DOES NOT pass

c.    Popcorn Machine

            i.    TJ motions to take this resolution off the table, seconded by ross

           ii.    Notes:

1.    Looking for a popcorn machine under 150 dollars, we found one- for $75

2.    KPB was unwilling to say where they got their popcorn machine

3.    Beneficial if only getting a bigger one…

4.    Possibly calling the place that we rent the one, why not call and get the dimensions of theirs

5.    Student life cannot just go and buy it- because congress needs to approve big purchases, and now having congress put a cap on how much that can be spend

a.    Suggested cap of 200 dollars.

          iii.    Jordan motioned to change the price to 200 dollars- not including shipping, seconded by ross (friendly amendment)

          iv.    Vote count: 26:0:5, motion passes

d.    System admin.

            i.    Sean motions to bring to the floor the resolution, seconded by cody

           ii.    Notes/question

1.    How much do you know about computers/ websites?

a.    He is a computer systems major

b.    Would like to put a google doc online; with the dates, times, and congress locations

c.    Would put making an SLC website as the second priority

d.    Would be a one-time 45 dollar charge for the layout.

          iii.    Vote count: 28:0:1, motion passes

8.    Executive Reports

a.    Academic Affairs – Steven Hendrickson

            i.    No report

b.    Student Life – TJ Kiewatt

            i.    Make a wish

1.    Was last Saturday at the hockey game, and it went REALLY good!

2.    All 20 SA members showed up, great response from the crowd

3.    Overall we raised $4,792.45-most money SA has raised in a charity event that TJ knows of

4.    Essential health- will distribute money possibly once Amy writes to them

5.    All the Yellow make a wish shirts from football that money will goes towards it

           ii.    Street signs- we only need to raise 1500, library and Kirby donated money for their signs

          iii.    Yell-like-hell will be coming soon

1.    Sean is volunteering mac to help with this

c.    Student Legislative Coalition – Jason Reid

            i.    Not here- steve reading report

           ii.    Duluth St. Luis county days

1.    It paid off to drive down there- for it went great!!!

2.    UMD admin & faculty, and legislatures were very surprised as well as excited to see us.

3.    Thinking about all the events from yesterday I (Jason) strongly recommends that SA and MAC continue with textbook initiatives with possibly another survey!

4.    The MNSCU SA president testified yesterday at the senate higher ed. committee meeting about benefits and PRACTICALITY of using ebooks and how text books compare to lower prices (?)

a.    Repeated last point for more emphasis!

d.    Admin and Finance –Zach Filipovich

            i.     Very encouraging seeing all the faces at the st.luis county days

           ii.    Stipends can be picked up from linda!

          iii.    Questions about budget, process, or how to improve the financial internal controls please come talk to zack!

e.    Rep to Regents – Molly Tomfohrde

            i.    No report

f.      Freshmen President – Ava Heinrich

            i.    No report

g.    Systems Administrator—jordan  (added in friendly)

            i.    No report

h.    Presidential Report – Hannah Mumm

            i.    Thanks everyone with make-a-wish event and during the attired week

           ii.    Congrats to Corbin for being nominated SIX times for outstanding advisor award!!!

          iii.    Exec- we did not meet yesterday, however we are still setting up allie training

          iv.    Spring retreat is in the planning phase, will be April 27-28th

1.    Have had time in advance to get work off, but if something is causing you not to go- ie sports- please contact Brittany

2.    If you have allergies let Hannah know

9.    New Business

a.    Open Positions

            i.    Rep at Large (3)

           ii.    SCSE Senator(2)

          iii.    CEHSP Senator

10.  Director Reports

a.    Public Relations – Kimberly Newton

            i.    Her committee will meet in the lounge right after congress tonight

b.    Better Neighbors – Alex Aschenbrenner

            i.    Not here- no report

c.    Bulldog Taxi – Andy Blackwell

            i.    No report

d.    Campus Outreach – Taylor Glynn

            i.    First sa newsletter is going out tomorrow

e.    Rules and Elections – Matthew Weber

            i.    No report

f.      Senate – Harrison Defries

            i.    Today senate passed a resolution in opposition on amendment that only man and woman can marry

           ii.    Another matter coming up- governance issues

1.    Ecca is in talks about wanting change within the structure

2.    Believing students do not need to be included in this

3.    If you have any opinions please talk to Harrison

g.    M.A.C. – Sean Finn

            i.    Emailing everyone seans report

11.  Professional Student Personnel Reports

a.    Chief of Staff – Brittany Nystrom

            i.    I you haven’t gotten a binder email me- hope you all have them now!

           ii.    If you still don’t get minutes email me because I gave the list to Hannah and it says we now have everyone!

b.    Graphic Designer—Kelsey Becker

            i.    No report

12.  Balla Award

a.    John gives the award to SLC members!

13.  Advisor’s Minute

a.    We are all here this late because of corbin going to the conference tonight

b.    Saturday April 21st is the champ day of service – consider making SA a group!

14.  Open Announcements

a.    Thanks SLC members for their work at the capital

15.  Adjournment

Motioned by marc, seconded by cody