gemini 2 review Congress Minutes for 2/9/12

Congress Minutes for 2/9/12

UMD Student Association

*LSBE 118*

February 9, 2012



1.    Call to Order at 5:00 PM

2.    Roll Call – Brittany Nystrom

3.    Guest Introductions

a.    Neil Witzig and Adam Molla

4.    VCSL Dr. Erwin

a.    Has moved up in the SA world! J

b.    Serious dialogue on campus

            i.    In the statesman the debate about the amendment that is proposed for our MN constitution- there have been some upset within people on campus on how this went

1.    Hoping that SA could find a way to help with this somehow

2.    Listening to those who feel unsafe is key always!

           ii.    Unfair campaign

1.    Group of 15 organizations, started about a month ago

2.    This is to help achieve a more diverse campus- and to acknowledge white privilege.

3.    There was a decision to do a slow roll out of the events of this

4.    Possible partnership/ co-sponsorship to open dialogue with Student Association

c.    See student association as really critical in all the discussions and dealing with situations!

5.    Approval of the Minutes

a.    Unanimous approval

6.    Approval of Agenda

a.    Add in of what’s needed, then unanimous approval

7.    Executive Reports

a.    Academic Affairs – Steven Hendrickson

            i.    Tomorrow Steve is meeting with Lisa Johnson with library issues

1.    They want to shorten library hours during finals week to 1am

2.    Talking about late night library- for they are not in favor 100% about how we do it

           ii.    EPC Meeting

1.    FINALLY started talking about lib ed. classes

a.    Went from 250+ classes to 350+ classes! J

b.    If you want more details- talk to Steve about the spreadsheet

c.    Will be implemented soon/ now (?)

2.    Still campus governing issues/ arguments


b.    Student Life – TJ Kiewatt

            i.    2 new initiatives

1.    More ethnicity choices on admissions forms

a.    Working with AA and Callie is team lead on this within SL

2.    Vending machines taking Ucards…

           ii.    Did anyone get a response from their student groups regarding the street signs? No, ok we will go forth with what we have then.

          iii.    SERIOUS NOTE!

1.    When SA sponsors an event, there REALLY should be an SA presents at that event…

a.    Last Saturday we co-sponsored the walk a mile in our shoes event and only 4 people showed up

         iv.    Make a wish

1.    Whole event starts on Feb. 20th and then also on Saturday!

2.    Tabling outside Kirby bookstore

a.    Please sign up- there will be a reminder sent out

b.    Will be selling raffle tickets (1 for $2, or 3 for $5)

                                                            i.    Grand prize winner and other small prizes will be given out

c.    LARGE card to be signed for Megan

3.    Sat. Feb. 25th pass the bucket at the hockey game!

a.    If you have ANY shoe boxes PLEASE bring them in-we need them!

                                                            i.    We will be wrapping them!

b.    Might be auctioning off some items

c.    HOCKEY game is MANDATORY for student life members!

                                                            i.    PR gets 2nd priority

                                                           ii.    Need 20 members at this event, so if you’re interested talk to amy and tj and you might get on the list.

                                                          iii.    Will be getting a credential- meaning you get in for FREE! J


c.    Student Legislative Coalition – Jason Reid

            i.    Meet with the Allworth institute board

1.    There is a world quest competition put on each semester- either on Feb. 23

a.    They are really wanting to get students knowing about it and involved

b.    They do events throughout the year.

c.    Mission is to bring international perspective to UMD

           ii.    SLC

1.    Had mayor don ness come in last night

2.    Was very informative and refocus one of their initiatives

a.    Run off of Northern lights express:

                                                            i.    The old depot would be the stop of where the express would stop

                                                           ii.    Duluth wants a multi mobile hub…

          iii.    SFF will be on Sat. requesting 18 thousand dollars this year

         iv.    Duluth St. county days will be later this month!


d.    Admin and Finance –Zach Filipovich

            i.    SA is doing their SFF proposal this Saturday-asking for 85 thousand this year! J

           ii.    Current budgets

1.    Recently got Toshiba bill- lowest so far!

2.    If you need to see your budgets come see me!


e.    Rep to Regents – Molly Tomfohrde

            i.    Not here- at the board of regents


f.     Freshmen President – Ava Heinrich

            i.    Had a meeting on Tuesday!

           ii.    Valentines initiative

1.    Handing out candy and promoting SA/freshman

          iii.    Tabling in LSH lobby for make a wish

         iv.    Workshop

1.    Assessments on recap on how you perceive culture

          v.    ECCA

1.    Still dealing a lot with the EPC debacle

2.    Revising the constitution


g.    Systems Administrator—Alex Carnes

            i.    No here- no report


h.    Presidential Report – Hannah Mumm

            i.    Corbin’s email – regarding the civic learning conference

1.    Hopefully you have received the email

2.    If seems like a good thing for members of student association to go to

3.    March 31 from 9am-3pm

a.    Possibly being able to take a van from KIRBY

4.    Register for this even before hand- and let Hannah know! J

           ii.    Polar bear plunge

1.    Kelsey you are officially on the page…

2.    Sean will not be able to jump

3.    Currently at 615 out of our 900 dollar goal! Good job guys- but keep fundraising

a.    Lisa has some money that she has gotten for us for this event

          iii.    ECCA & EPC 1 representative needed for each of these:

1.    ECCA  – Meets on Tuesday from 230-430pm weekly

2.    EPC- every other Wednesday

a.    Jason stepped up to take this position

         iv.    Unfair campaign

1.    On Feb 16th

2.    Wanting at least 5 members from SA to go to this event!

          v.    Spring retreat!

1.    APRIL 27th -29th. Only the FIRST night is mandatory

a.    The second night is a bonding night and funding comes from our own pockets- the more people who go this night, the cheaper it is for everyone!

b.    Mid-day on the 27th and then go till about 5pm or so on Saturday!

c.    Will be held at Larsemont cabins- about 20 minutes away from Duluth

d.    If you are going to have a conflict with class on Friday then come talk to Hannah!

         vi.    Facebook MEEM conversation

1.    There is nothing that we can do, however Bread can!

2.    He can take down the contains if something is not appropriate

        vii.    Weekend before spring retreat- RELAY FOR LIFE!

1.    Will be making a team

2.    If you want to join you can! J

3.    Overnight on Friday April 20th in the Fieldhouse


8.    Old Business

a.    SFF proposal

            i.    Done by Hannah and Zack

9.    New Business

a.    Open Positions

            i.    Rep at Large (2)

           ii.    SCSE Senator (1)

          iii.    CEHSP Senator

10.  Director Reports

a.    Public Relations – Kimberly Newton

            i.    Really excited to be live tweeting from congress currently! J

           ii.    Committee chairs

1.    If you need any Facebook event pages or media associated event please fill out a sheet and put it in the PR box on the desk

          iii.    Feb. 22- Kimmy, Mia, Maddie, Cody D, and Ross H will be going to a conference

         iv.    Out cold event

1.    Will ALSO be on Feb. 22 @ 6pm

2.    Will be a MANDAROTY event – I for some reason you cannot be there email Brittany!

3.    Looking like it will be casino theme

4.    It will count for our open house event

          v.    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue to keep posting on Facebook and twitter!

1.    We NEED to get more followers! J

         vi.    Meet your representatives

1.    Will be NEXT Wed. & Thurs. from noon-1pm

2.    Not mandatory but is highly encouraged!

3.    Will be viewing/posting 2 or 3 a week on the Facebook, SA, and twitter pages

        vii.    Pictures after congress is you still haven’t taken yours!


b.    Better Neighbors – Alex Aschenbrenner

            i.    Not here – no report


c.    Bulldog Taxi – Andy Blackwell

            i.    Not here – no report


d.    Campus Outreach – Taylor Glynn

            i.    No report


e.    Rules and Elections – Matthew Weber

            i.    Working on a major restructure project for Student Association

1.    There is very little time to work on this and get it set in stone to get these changes that will come

a.    BEGGING you to be open to the changes- they are being done to try to solve the problem of too many directors and not enough reps.

b.    We will probably be discussing it next week at congress- so come with lots of questions- the flow chart and what changes to the constitution will be brought next week as well


f.     Senate – Harrison Defries

            i.    How many senators are here? Ok so only 1… was supposed to be having a photo tonight, but now it will be postponed I guess…

           ii.    Trying to put multi-culturism into the culturism- senators talk to your deans about this!


g.    M.A.C. – Sean Finn

            i.    There has been a write up/ strategic plans done for parking and food quality

1.    will be sending them out to the SA alias

           ii.    Wanting to pursue something with the parking initiative

1.    focus groups and surveys on this

          iii.    Next Tuesday @ 7pm is the open forum is the discussion on what is the PR & MAC merger going to look like and mean…

1.    should be about an hour

11.  Professional Student Personnel Reports

a.    Chief of Staff – Brittany Nystrom

            i.    Please continue to keep the office clean

           ii.    I am cleaning the back room and black cabinet- keep it clean

1.    You can hang a few jackets in the back closet now J

          iii.    If you’re not getting the minutes and don’t have a binder come talk to me after congress


b.    Graphic Designer – Kelsey Becker

            i.    Doing a poster for Make a Wish and parking…

           ii.    Asking for a 7 day notice for poster requests- if you ask for it on a Monday then the earliest it will be done is the NEXT Monday.

12.  Balla Award

a.    The freshman committee gives the Balla Award to Kimmy. For all her hard work in PR and how she has stepped up to the plate.

13.  Advisor’s Minute

a.    Not here L

14.  Open Announcements

a.    Sean- COC will be meeting at 6pm NEXT Monday

b.    MEEMS thing- planetarium isn’t about plants?!!? Mia

c.    AMY- come see me for signing up for the tabling event

d.    PR will be meeting KSC lounge tonight!

e.    8pm tonight in the planetarium- FREE pizza

f.     Miracle worker play starts tonight @730pm –a few other days as well

15.  Adjournment

a.    Motioned by Cody D, seconded by Zack