gemini 2 review Congress Minutes for 2/3/12

Congress Minutes for 2/3/12

UMD Student Association

*LSBE 118*

February 2, 2012


1.     Call to Order at 5:00 PM

2.     Roll Call – Brittany Nystrom

3.     Guest Introductions

a.     Jacob is our guest today

4.     VCSL Dr. Erwin

a.     She is sick and so she cannot be here

5.     Approval of the Minutes

a.     approved

6.     Approval of Agenda

a.     approved

7.     Executive Reports

a.     Academic Affairs – Steven Hendrickson

i.     No report

b.     Student Life – TJ Kiewatt

i.     Parking:

1.     I am meeting with Paige Dorman Wednesday at 11 in the SA office to go over our plans with the MAC survey her and I are going to work on. Her and I will discuss a time to meet with Cheryl Love. Thank you!

ii.     UMD Branding:

1.     I have no report besides the Branding meeting is on Friday and I’m very excited for it! I will have a longer report next week!

iii.     Street Signs:

1.     Made the trip to see Dr. King and am getting a meeting set up with him for next week.

iv.     Charity Event:

1.     Make a Wish© Come True Event

2.     Concept: Raise money for Megan and as a “Prize”–Meet and Greet with Men’s Hockey Players and SAAC members, if possible

3.     Dates:

a.                     ~ Tabling: February 20th – February 24th at UMD

b.                     ~ Fundraising: February 25th at Amsoil Arena during the game

c.                      ~ Meet and Greet: February 25th after the game

4.     For: Megan, 12, of Sturgeon Lake, who wishes to go to Tahiti

5.     Goal Amount to Raise: $7,000

6.     Fundraising Ideas:

a.            At Amsoil during Hockey Game:

i.                     ~ Chuck a Puck–$1/puck

ii.                     ~ Auctioning for the Meet and Greet players???

iii.                     ~ Donation boxes–shoe boxes walking up and down the aisles–PLEASE BRING IN ANY IF YOU HAVE THEM

b.            At UMD during Tabling:

i.                     ~ Donate a $1 to sign a card for Megan

ii.                     ~ Sell Raffle Tickets: $2/ticket or $5/3 tickets–PRIZE: 2 hockey tickets, Night at the Edge, $50       Blackwoods Gift Certificate (name, phone #, email)

v.     Food for Meet and Greet:

1.                     ~ PIZZA: Pizza Luce or Green Mill (Karen)

vi.     Public Relations:

1.                     ~ Posters–Kimmy

2.                     ~ Statesman–Taylor/Kimmy

3.                     ~ TVs–Corbin/Keenan

4.                     ~ Bulldog Update–Dr. Erwin

5.                     ~ Campus Organization e-mail–Taylor Glynn

6.                     ~ JumboTron–advertising chuck a puck and Megan??

7.                     ~ Mia for photography at the event??

vii.     Questions:

1.                     ~ How many people allowed for the Meet and Greet? (10-20 people)

2.                     ~ Who to talk to for Amsoil Arena tabling and room for the Meet and Greet? (Karen)

viii.     Additional Info:

1.     Paint shoe boxes during SL meeting before Feb 25th (Feb 22nd) with other athletes (SAAC)

2.     20 SA members and 20 athletes at event Feb 25th–Probably will be mandatory for SL and PR to attend (still need to double check with Hannah)

c.      Student Legislative Coalition – Jason Reid

i.     Molly Hannah Steve, Zack and Kelly went to the cities last Friday

1.     Wanted feedback as to how students could get more involved in U of M advocacy efforts

ii.     Thanks to all who came to the legislative briefing

iii.     SLC- next Wednesday they have mayor don ness coming in to speak

d.     Admin and Finance –Zach Filipovich

i.     Not here- no report

e.     Rep to Regents – Molly Tomfohrde

i.     No report

f.       Freshmen President – Ava Heinrich

i.     Freshman morning boast day

1.     Went very well! proud abo

ii.     Will be having a meeting on Tuesday in the SA office

g.     Systems Administrator—Alex Carnes

i.     Not here- no report

h.     Presidential Report – Hannah Mumm

i.     Polar plunge

1.     Will continue making a plunge for this

2.     People are getting close to getting their full pledge money

a.     Shout out to Mark! He has raised more than what he pledge originally

3.     There are 16 days left to fundraise to be able to jump

4.     Lisa can also help with fundraising- so go talk to her!

ii.     Unfair event

1.     Thursday Feb. 16! At 6 pm in the ballroom

2.     Not making it mandatory, but asks that at least 5 members of SA go to this event (currently 3 people are going)

a.     If you choose to go write your name on Hannah’s white board


8.     Old Business

9.     New Business

a.     Graphic Designer Resolution

i.     Kimmy motioned to bring the  nomination of Kelsey Becker as the graphic designer to the floor, seconded by Steve

1.     Hannah explains her decision to nominate anyone

a.     Kelsey sought her out and expressed an interest in this position

2.     Kelsey accepts the nomination J

a.     “as most of you know I am now famous of the UMD campus, so this vote should be easy”

3.     Vote count: 22-0-2

b.     President’s State of address- to congress

i.     The full state of address can be found on the Student Association website, on the SA facebook page, and possibly a copy can be found in the office (?)

ii.     Key points

1.     You can thank President Obama for reminding her to do this address

2.     Thank you for everyone who goes above and beyond what they are asked to do in the office and in SA in general. Remember the office is a place to build relationships! J

3.     Noted that SA does not always get the glory for the changes we help bring to campus and not always benefit from them either….

4.     Addressed all 5 of our areas of focus for this year and how we are working on them


c.      Open Positions

i.     Rep at Large (3)

1.     Matt would like to nominate Jacob Blackford, seconded by Harrison

a.     Reason wanting to join SA is because he has always been involved in the government some ways. Likes to represent people and ideas.

b.     Vote count: 25:0:1, it PASSES

ii.     Fresh Rep

1.     Harrison nominates Ryan Gormley to be a fresh rep, Steve seconded

a.     Officially stepped down as the LSBE senator, because there is only one LSBE senator spot so he choose to be the one to step down

2.     Vote count: 25:0:1, it PASSES

iii.     Graphic Designer

1.     Already taken care of earlier

iv.     SCSE Senator (2)


10.  Director Reports

a.     Public Relations – Kimberly Newton

i.     Welcome ben and Jacob to SA- ben is here this week! J

ii.     New members come talk to Mia and Kimmy after congress to get your photo taken

1.     Also other members who needs their photo taken!

iii.     Please post the website on your facebook because we only have 500 or so links/ followers

1.     Also do this for twitter

2.     Also please post the “walk a mile in our shoes” event on your page too to promote it!

a.     That event is this Saturday!

b.     Would like to see a LARGE SA presence there!

c.      Please take photos if you are going to the event!

iv.     The bulletin board near our office is done!

1.     The one in the stair way is in the works

b.     Better Neighbors – Alex Aschenbrenner

i.     Not here-no report

c.      Bulldog Taxi – Andy Blackwell

i.     No here-no report

d.     Campus Outreach – Taylor Glynn

i.     If you are on the alias you should have gotten my email about the mentorship email

1.     For those of you who are new, you will not get assigned a group

2.     For members please get your emails out ASAP

3.      No need to CC Taylor, just email her saying you sent them

ii.     The SA newsletter will be going out on March 1st!

e.     Rules and Elections – Matthew Weber

i.     No report

f.       Senate – Harrison Defries

i.     No report

g.     M.A.C. – Sean Finn

i.     Tonight they will be doing a strategic plan for parking and food quality

1.     This helps them be as organized as possible to assist Student Life

2.     Will send it to everyone on the alias so they know what is going on- will always be there- modifications can be made to improve things

ii.     Kimmy and sean have been talking about a MAC and PR merger.

1.     Forum next week

a.     Wanting everyone’s opinions

b.     Will be held in the office

c.      There will be some possible times sent to us to choose from



11.  Professional Student Personnel Reports

a.     Chief of Staff – Brittany Nystrom

i.     If you have not gotten your office hours in to me that is going to count as one unexcused absence.

ii.     Jacob see me after congress

iii.     Perkins

1.     Since it seems not a lot of people have signed up for getting rides to Perkins meet in the office at 645 and we will figure out rides from there

2.     Also the coupons are even better- you can get breakfast items! J

iv.     Office tidiness

1.     Please pick up after yourself – especially around the main table

2.     Also push in the chairs when you’re done so they’re not everywhere and crowded



12.  Balla Award

a.     Sean/ COC choose the freshman committee to get the balla award this week – for doing such an excellent job with their breakfast

13.  Advisor’s Minute

a.     Story

i.     Today he went to a student hearing (corbin was his advocate) he is a 4 point O student, made a bad decision consuming too much alcohol and then got into a fight- went to jail for 4 days- kicked off school and escorted by a police off campus

1.     PLEASE PLEAS PLEASE make smart and well educated decisions! ALWAYS!

14.  Open Announcements

a.     Hannah- miracle worker opens Thursday, all works are ASL friendly. This week and next week Thursday- Sunday, only $6

b.     Tomorrow @ 7pm at the planetarium there will be a show done by STEVE!

c.      Committee on committee needs to meet again next week

i.     Meghan murphy is up for review

ii.     Email Sean to let him know when you are free

d.     Brad is up for that Super Drive Representative thing, so vote for him EVERY day!

e.     Winter charity event- we NEED 30 boxes! (Hannah and Mia might have it covered)

f.       Friday march 9th at 7pm Jason will be putting on a Scottish concert!

i.     Jason will be in a kilt!!!

ii.     8 Bucks for students! J

iii.     At St. scholastic

g.     Hannah- is not able to sit on ECCA, either is Cody S.

i.     So we need 2 ECCA reps.

ii.     Meets at 230pm on Tuesdays

iii.     If you are interested shoot Hannah an email

h.     Hannah is asking ONLY Kimmy to live tweet congress!

i.       Taylor wants to thank Hannah for her kind words earlier and wants to reciprocate them to her on behalf of SA

j.       Maddie- next Wednesday some of us will be going out


15.  Adjournment

a.     Jason motioned, seconded by Hannah