gemini 2 review Congress Minutes for 1/26/12

Congress Minutes for 1/26/12

UMD Student Association

*LSBE 118*

January 26, 2012


1.    Call to Order at 5:00 PM

2.    Guest Introductions

a.    Lisa Erwin

            i.    Student satisfaction inventory

1.    Results are back and are beginning to be analyzed

2.    Reminded the committee that SA would be interested in the findings/ report on results

3.    There will be 2 more surveys this spring

a.    Engagement (task) survey

b.    Profile of the college experience survey

           ii.    Twin cities campus shared that best buy gave scholarship money

1.    Twin cities link for the video for driven to discover will be sent to Brittany

          iii.    New change for registration

1.    Harrison I believe this will come up in student senate…

2.    Insurance information before registering for fall classes

3.    Now there will be a verification of the insurance

4.    There are still 3500 students who are not insured and about 1500 students who are under insured

5.    Will be talking to advisors so they can inform the students

3.    Roll Call – Brittany Nystrom

4.    Approval of the Minutes

a.    Minutes have been approved unanimously

5.    Approval of Agenda

a.    Unanimously approved after some friendly amendments

6.    Executive Reports

a.    Academic Affairs – Steven Hendrickson

            i.    Had the first AA meeting on Tuesday and first EPC meeting yesterday

           ii.    EPC

1.    Only concern to SA is the sub-committee and figuring out the student rep that will be sitting on that committee

          iii.    AA.

1.    Broke up into sub committees and will be breaking up the initiatives into these sub committee

a.    The sub-committee will be looking at ALL the courses and see if they will be part of the lib eds.

2.    Working more on all online things like APAS instead of just the course guide

3.    Information on the library resources on campus

4.    Campus change team

a.    Will be talking to Kimmy and Sovann about this

b.    Student Life – TJ Kiewatt

            i.    Student life did met yesterday (wed) at 6pm

           ii.    Initiatives

1.    Parking

a.    Meeting with Cheryl Love coming soon

b.    Student affairs campus committee sub-committee on parking appeals

                                                            i.    Andy wrote  up the report on this

2.    Food quality

a.    Sean meet with Tim Bushnal as 8am yesterday

                                                            i.    Will be putting the finishing touches on the DC food and working more with the Food court

1.    Will be working with Mrs. Aberlson

3.    Street signs

a.    Meeting with john king- playing phone tag currently

4.    Swenson signs

a.    Meet with eh guy in charge of the experiment and we were presented with what they want on the sign

5.    School pride

a.    Meeting set up with Karen Strome

b.    There will be information given to the freshman about activities going on

6.    Make a wish winter charity event

a.    The student we are raising the money for is MEGAN, she is 12 years old and her wish is to go to Tahiti

b.    Also a meeting with Karen tomorrow for this event as well

c.    Admin and Finance –Zach Filipovich

            i.    Jason will be giving Zack’s report

           ii.    Zack and Jason had a campus budget meeting on Tuesday

1.    Received information packets

a.    U of m as a whole has increased its administration by 75 percent in the last 10 years

b.    Faculty 23-25% and Staff 14%: this is how much they have increased

2.    UMD relevant sheet

a.    Break down of 2005-now on how much we get from the state, tuition,

b.    Since 2008 state procreation has decreased by 40%?

c.    Fitz said We (UMD) are one of if not the most efficient with our money…which possibly hurts us

d.    Another 3-3.5% tuition increase is what we should expect again…

e.    FAC loan to the Greeks- was decided to give this loan out

                                                            i.    There will be a max of 250 given to them, which is equal to what they gave them in the fall

d.    Rep to Regents – Molly Tomfohrde

            i.    When it comes to regent Bigum there isn’t much new as of yet, except he doesn’t think he is in the wrong, more to come once they meet

           ii.    The board to regent members are trying to come up with a spring report

e.    Freshmen President – Ava Heinrich

            i.    Had a REALLY good freshman meeting last Thursday with BIG changes..

1.    There will no longer be the freshman Olympics- the event was too big to handle

2.    Instead there will be one small event each month

a.    This month it is freshman morning boast day

b.    This NEXT Tuesday from 730-1030am in LSH lobby

c.    If you are interested in helping you can certainly come

f.     Systems Administrator—Alex Carnes

            i.    Not here-no report

g.    Student Legislative Coalition – Jason Reid

            i.    TOMORROW, Hannah, molly, steve and zack and Kelly (LCP person) will be going to the twin cities to be meeting with president Kailer and going to a few events

1.    Will be meeting up with other campuses

           ii.    NEXT Wednesday Feb. 1 @ 6pm there is a legislative briefing in the board room

1.    There will be FREE food

2.    For exec this is mandatory, and the rest of you are invited to attend as well

3.    This will help with support the U day

          iii.    Small area plan

1.    Was last week on Thursday during congress

2.    There was discussion as to what a family is…

3.    The committee will be meeting next week

4.    This process is still going on

5.    This was the first time the public got a chance to put their input in

         iv.    American Indian learning resource center

1.    Chipowaman will be helping UMD raise 1.1 million for this building

2.    Some of the native American tribes are now starting to endorse this building

          v.    Duluth St. Louis county days

1.    Received a booklet of information regarding the U as a whole and also just about UMD too

         vi.    Bulldog lobby day

1.    Will be planning this for some time in march

        vii.    Support the U day

1.    Wed. April 18th Official DATE

2.    Came up with a plate form for this day

a.    Some things included are the American Indian learning center, college incentives, loan forgiveness programs…

       viii.    There is now an SLC twitter

h.    Presidential Report – Hannah Mumm

            i.    OMG the president is actually here! (no worries she did not skip class, they got out early)

           ii.    State of SA Address

1.    This will be given next week at Congress.

2.    I am planning for no longer than 15 minutes on top of my report however, I would like to stress that Congress has allotted 2 hours each week for our meeting.

3.    Although normally it does not take much longer than one hour I would like to remind out members that you are expected to be present and participate for the full amount of time needed to conduct our business.

4.    There is no need to cut debate short or rush director reports when we have two full hours for Congress. Obviously if you must leave early for another event please let Brittany know ahead of time.

          iii.    Polar Plunge plug-in!

1.    Please keep fundraising money the event is coming up soon on the 18th of February, I am willing to donate some money to the first person who comes up to me and asks!

         iv.    MSLC Banquet

1.    Molly, Jason, Zack, Steve, Kelly, and I will be attending the MSLC Banquet in the Twin Cities tomorrow. Jason will provide more information as well as a report following.

2.     If you have any questions please talk to Jason.

          v.    Taylor, Ross H., and Cody D. have come up with an idea for an SA Mediation Forum as well as bonding time.

1.     There are many conflicts between members that could easily be solved with simple communication that I feel often gets overlooked.

2.     I am more than willing to help solve any issues that arise but I ask that you attempt to work out any issue amongst yourselves before it gets to me. This is a great place to do so.

3.    These will be held on Sundays and also provide a great place for members to get together and plan events as well!

a.    Also open to other times as well

4.    If you want any more information please speak with them about it!

         vi.    UnFair Campaign

1.    You all should have received an email from Chancellor Black regarding the UnFair campaign.

2.    This was officially launched on Tuesday and I think that this is something that I think SA needs to have a large presence at.

3.     Duluth is partnering with 14 organizations in the community and there will be a couple events on campus.

a.    Tim Wise will be speaking on Feb. 16th at 6pm in the Kirby Ballroom on White Privilege and the role whites play in the fight for equality.

b.    There will also be a film series throughout the Spring Semester beginning with “Mirror of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible” on Jan. 30th from 12-1:30 in the Griggs Center.

c.     I would ask that there be a large SA presence at these events and others like it. Although we are not the ones sponsoring it these events are crucial not only to our initiatives but the Campus Goal #2!

        vii.     Associate Vice Chancellor Search Committee Position is still open.

1.     I have had one response thus far.

2.    If you are interested please email me and I will sit down with Dr. Erwin soon to discuss the candidates and choose the most appropriate person.

a.    Please notify me by email only since I have the attention span of a goldfish 🙂

3.    These nominations will be open until 12 on Wednesday if you are interested.

       viii.    Regarding the open position for Graphic Designer.

1.     I am leaving it open in case anyone is interested.

2.    If you are the nominations re open starting after Congress until 12pm on Wednesday.

3.    After that I will make my nomination and a resolution will be brought to Congress next week for approval.

4.     Please also include an example of your work (a possible poster on anything you wish) as well as a little bio on why you would like the position and what makes you qualified.

         ix.    Finally, and I know that this is long, but those who participated in the League of Minnesota Cities Community Dialogues over the summer please come and speak with me.

1.    The League has finalized their report and would like to include photos as well as statements from those who participated and would like to get in contact with the participants to ask if they are okay with that!

2.     Please get in contact with me ASAP!

          x.    Reminder Exec meeting cancelled next week due to legislature briefing

1.    Please try to go to this non-execs

2.    Also if you cannot make it exec’s email Brittany!


*Jordan motioned to suspend the agenda to take a group and exec photo…, seconded by ross


7.    Old Business

a.    Ben Dufaut for Rep at Large

            i.    TJ motioned to remove it from old business, Kimmy seconded

           ii.    Questions/comments

1.    Cody d: he is in class with Hannah and cody and he would be willing to skip some classes to come to Congress

2.    Andy: what committee could he be sitting one?

a.    He would be sitting on PR

          iii.    Vote:  15:8:7 …TIE

         iv.    Tie breaker by Cody S is yes

          v.    Ben is now a rep at large

b.    COC Report to Congress

            i.    Sean moves to bring to take the COC off the table, seconded by Tj

           ii.    Note before the reading of the report

1.    Erik resigned his position last night at 11pm

          iii.    Question/comments

1.    Harrison: how can you bring up office hours if we have no exact record of it?

a.    It was a secondary note, not trying to go off hearsay but on all 8 of our notices of him in the office

         iv.    Now on to the resolution that is off the table

1.    TJ wants to call the question?, seconded by maddie

2.    Vote: 21:06, waqas has now been impeached from SA

8.    New Business

a.    Open Positions

            i.    Rep at Large (4)

1.    With voting in ben earlier the count is now down to 3

           ii.    Fresh Rep

          iii.    Graphic Designer

         iv.    SCSE Senator

          v.    CEHSP Senator

9.    Director Reports

a.    Public Relations – Kimberly Newton

            i.    Thanks to everyone for dressing up tonight! J

           ii.    Thanks for everyone who came to table at the activities fair today

          iii.    Big thing for PR

1.    Teaming up with GSS for the event “walk a mile in our shoes”

2.    Kelsey Becker has made the poster for the event

3.    There has been an issue with it, they can no longer do the $1 raffle tickets and free through shoot… apparently its gabling

a.    If you have ideas please let me know

4.    Out cold event will be done by both Kimmy and ross

5.    Maddie will be heading meet your representative

6.    For photos please make sure to stay and they will be taken on the stairs

a.    Can do individual retakes

b.    Better Neighbors – Alex Aschenbrenner

            i.    Not here-no report

c.    Bulldog Taxi – Andy Blackwell

            i.    No report

d.    Campus Outreach – Taylor Glynn

            i.    Haven’t emailed us yet because she is waiting on information for relay for life that will be in the email as well

1.    This will be hopefully sent to use this weekend

           ii.    Working on a newsletter to be sent to all the student groups

e.    Rules and Elections – Matthew Weber

            i.    Hello friends J

           ii.    So Hannah stole part of Matt’s report…

1.    Had R&E at 5pm for the most part it was a good meeting, but left with a bad taste in his mouth because of lack of respect issues

2.    Likes that people can disagree and have different ideas that they bring, however there should not be any attacking of anyone!

a.    This is counterproductive…

3.    Usually does not beg but he will now!

a.    Please refrain from attacking one another

b.    Please disagree with your head not your heart- this is matt’s challenge to us!

f.     Senate – Harrison Defries

            i.    No report

g.    M.A.C. – Sean Finn

            i.    Yesterday allie and sean met with Tim

1.    Talked mostly about strategic plan for the DC

2.    Really wanting to improve on the quality and satisfaction

3.    This will be done in a 3 phase survey

           ii.    Food court

1.    Will need to understand that the price needs to go down or that the quality needs to get better- for they believe they are competing with fast food places

2.    Will be trying to gather a lot of information on this

          iii.    DR. Sandeco wants to do something on parking

         iv.    If you have anything that you would like us to do we would love to do it!

10.  Professional Student Personnel Reports

a.    Chief of Staff – Brittany Nystrom

            i.    Sent out the card to the family of the UMD student who died.

           ii.    There are still people who have yet to get me their office hours. If I do not have them by next congress that will be counted as an unexcused absence-for you can’t be making office hours if you have not make them official

          iii.    Man of the year

1.    Harrison or john will be doing this

         iv.    apology

11.  Balla Award

a.    Jordan forgot the balla award in the office

            i.    Would like to award it to the members of committee on committee! J

12.  Advisors Minute

a.    If you haven’t heard /Kirby was able to show student service fees the architect work that we have so far and will be getting in contact with the chancellor and his cabinet

            i.    Once this is done then a presentation will be brought to campus

b.    Student service fee

            i.    Being worked on and is in the process

           ii.    Ross is helping with this

          iii.    Recommendations will be given march 2nd

c.    Social media breakfast

            i.    Will be held Friday Feb. 10th from 7-9am

1.    Sean and Kimmy are invited to go and bring another person from their committee to come as well

13.  Open Announcements

a.    Kimmy has an order for the photos

            i.    Fac photo will be postponed

           ii.    Mac will be up first

          iii.    Academic affairs

         iv.    Student Life

          v.    Freshman

         vi.    Senators (possibly postponed…due to lack of members present)

        vii.    Public Relations

       viii.    Individuals

b.    Ross- there is no absentee votes in the bylaws for Student association

c.    Perkin’s outing

            i.    Next Thursday Feb 2nd. @ 7pm we will be meeting at Perkins

           ii.    We received enough coupons-buy one entree get one free for all of congress to pair up and use!

          iii.    Please sign up on the sheet if you can drive and you will be put on a google doc to organize rides next week

14.  Adjournment

a.    Motion to adjourned by Tj, seconded by cody d.