gemini 2 review Congress Minutes for 12/08/12

Congress Minutes for 12/08/12

UMD Student Association

*KPLZ 312*

December 08, 2011


1.    Call to Order at 5:00 PM

2.    Guest Introductions

a.    Dr. Lisa Erwin

i.    Sorry she count be here- she is at NASPA

ii.    Billy Harper

1.    You may be interested in the Facebook site- created by his friends

a.    /rememberingbillyharper

b.    Can make donations- there is a link on there

c.    Asking if SA would spread the word

d.    A post online says there will be shirts and bracelets


3.    Roll Call – Brittany Nystrom

4.    Approval of the Minutes

5.    Approval of Agenda

6.    Executive Reports

a.    Academic Affairs – Travis Lindberg

i.    No meeting tonight because of Travis’s concussion

ii.    Last week they talked about late night library

1.    Sent out an email regarding this

2.    Will be the 16,18& 19 at midnight

a.    Mandatory for everyone

3.    EPC is looking for a new vice chair

a.    In the past it was only faculty

b.    Right now on the ballot there is 1 staff and

c.    Emergency  ECCA meeting on Tuesday

i.    For someone wanted to take students and staff off of epc

ii.    Tomorrow the 3 vice presidents will be meeting with Vickery and Andrea to voice their strong concern and opinion on it

1.    If need be they will go to the chancellor

2.    We could make a formal resolution – was just brought to his attention for an hour

b.    Student Life – TJ Kiewatt

i.    No report- for the first time that can be recalled

c.    Admin and Finance – Zach Filipovich

i.    Finances looking good

ii.    Made changes due to Brittany’s budget

1.    Needed to buy another printer cartridge for the printer

2.    Next year we will be buying a print card for a dollar and printing pages for 5cents! J saving like 40 cents a page!

3.    One printer cartridge is 70 bucks…

d.    Rep to Regents – Molly Tomfohrde

i.    At the board of regents with Hannah

ii.    Will have a report next week

e.    Freshmen President – Ava Heinrich

i.    No report

f.      Systems Administrator – Alex Carnes

i.    Not here- no report

g.    Student Legislative Coalition – Jason Reid

i.    FINALLY the American Indian learning center postcards are here!!!!

1.    2 color post cards

a.    Green- Senator  David Senjem

b.    Orange-honorable Larry Howes

2.    Please make sure you sign both of these!

3.    Also get as many people as you can

ii.    Last LCP meeting of the semester was on Tuesday

a.    Had no speaker

b.    Looked at what they will be doing for next semester

iii.    MSLC

1.    Possibly a mini committee to come up with what to change exactly in the MSLC constitution

h.    Presidential Report – Hannah Mumm

i.    Student Satisfaction Survey

1.      At 25% – goal is 35% so keep spreading the word. It will now be open till next Tuesday

ii.      Polar Plunge

1.      So far our team consists of 9 SA members

2.      Can register on their own or have Hannah sign you up

3.      Both lisa and Hannah will be helping fundraise

iii.      Student Death

1.      William Harper was the student who died on Monday

2.      It is protocol that SA is notified when a student dies on campus

3.      We will be sending a letter to his family- please sign it!

iv.       PR for this semester

1.      As of now Kimmy –she was vice chair-will be stepping in as the director of RP till the end of the semester (once the new director will take over)

v.      Bullying Initiative

1.      Kimmy will be leading this

2.      If anyone wants to help or has something to contribute to it talk to kimmy

vi.      Late night library is mandatory

vii.      SA holiday party

1.      Friday the 16th around 7pm at Kelsey’s house

2.      A few people could/ will make food.

a.      Ask whoever comes to give 1 dollar towards this

3.      Under 5 dollar gift-for game

4.      Asking for car pooling

5.      If your 21 you can partake in a drink or 2- but not a party

a.      If you come to late night library after this with alcohol in your system travis will be upset!

6.      It’s an ugly sweater party!

7.      If you have allergies let Hannah, Kimmy, or Kelsey know

8.      RSVP by the 14th to Kimmy

viii.      Text in from Hannah

1.      Molly and Hannah are having a great long day at Regents

2.      They will have some interesting information when they return

3.      Hannah misses us all! Wishes everyone running for open positions GOOD LUCK!

7.    Old Business

8.    New Business

a.    Open positions

i.    VP of Academic Affairs (next semester)

1.    First round of voting

a.    Steve

i.    Likes talking in from of groups, sees himself as very agreeable and has regretted not running for this position last election…

ii.    Vote count: 13

b.    Harrison

i.    Wants to have meetings every week to get more accomplished, EPC will be his primary focus right away…

ii.    Vote count: 6

c.    Matt-

i.    He is NOT normal, wants to have deadlines and structure, wants to focus on student-professor relations,

ii.    Vote count: 10

d.    Hannah-

i.    Believes being able to run a meeting is good-which is what she is studying to do as stage manager, wants to focus on online course guide drive

ii.    Vote count: 1

2.    Second round of votes

a.    Matt: 12

b.    Steve: 16

i.    The new Vice President of Academic Affairs is STEVE!

ii.     Director of Public Relations (next semester)

1.    Hannah mums nomination/ appointment

2.    TJ moves to approve Hannah’s nomination, seconded by Travis

a.    Kimmy

i.    Wants to keep the bulletin boards updated, wants to really get the word of SA out there, and plans to actually go forth with Meet your Representative.

ii.    Vote count: 23-6-2; Vote Passes, Kimmy is new RP director

iii.     Rep at Large

1.    Brittany nominates Callie, Travis seconds

2.    Is a senior, has been involved with MAC for about a year, people already thought she was in SA, did not committee herself to SA last year when she did not know what she was getting into…

a.    Vote count: 28-0-1, vote passes! WELCOME CALLIE

9.    Director Reports

a.    Public Relations – Kimmy

i.    Was left in the dark that Kevin wanted PR to do!

ii.    Needs the names of those who sit on her committee

iii.    Will be meeting TONIGHT in Kirby

1.    Separate from mac fist

iv.    Wants people to really be posting and making known the student satisfaction survey, textbook survey, and then the Glen Avon church (Friday-Tuesday)

1.    Try to get as many people as you can to take it as possible!

2.    The Gleen Avon church is Corbin’s church

b.    Better Neighbors – Alex Aschenbrenner

i.    Andy for alex

1.    Alex is scheming….

c.    Bulldog Taxi – Andy Blackwell

i.    Was hoping to have a banner go up to get people to sign up for bulldog taxi,

ii.    Cannot sing up over break, can once again NEXT semester

iii.    We have at some point broke 2800

d.    Campus Outreach – Taylor Glynn

i.    No report

e.    Rules and Elections – Matthew Weber

i.    Notes- we have at least 1 rep

f.      Senate – Harrison Defries

i.    No report

g.    M.A.C. – Sean Finn

i.    Textbook survey is out!


2.    Questions

10.  Professional Student Personnel Reports

a.    Chief of Staff – Brittany Nystrom

i.    Holding people to office hours this week and next

ii.    Not holding anyone to office hours the week of finals

iii.    Got a thank you card from GSS for letting them use our Hollywood decorations

iv.    When you are in the office please make sure you are paying attention-someone came in today and no one noticed- he had to tap someone on the shoulder to get help

b.    Office hour’s email will be sent out over break- once Cody decided when congress will be!

c.    Graphic Designer — Tyler Schumann

i.    Not here- no report

11.  Balla Award

a.    Tj left the award in the office

i.    Giving the award to all the MAC members!

1.    For the text book survey

12.  Advisors Minute

a.    No report

13.  Open Announcements

a.    Next week we do have congress! Who’s Excited!?

14.  Adjournment

a.    Motioned by tj, seconded by steve