gemini 2 review Congress Minutes

Congress Minutes

UMD Student Association

*KPLZ 312*

December 01, 2011


1.    Call to Order at 5:00 PM

2.    Guest Introductions

a.    Dr. Lisa Erwin

i.    She has been invited to her first vice chancellor meeting?

1.    Items on the agenda

a.    Enhancing communication between U campuses

i.    If you have anything you want her to say please email her

b.    Revisions to student conduct code

i.    Bullying has already been placed into UMD’s code already- stalking was looked at as well

3.    Roll Call – Brittany Nystrom

4.    Approval of the Minutes- minutes approved

5.    Approval of Agenda

6.    Executive Reports

a.    Academic Affairs – Travis Lindberg

i.    Meeting tonight after congress

1.    Text book survey

a.    Goes out on monday and will be out for a week

2.    Late night library will be discussed

a.    Zack and travis will have a man date to get the food J

3.    Travis is having to resign from his position after this semester, but will continue to work hard until he is done

b.    Student Life – TJ Kiewatt

i.    Had a meeting tueday

1.    Sean had a meeting wed. with tim bushnal

2.    Yell like hell and food tasting group stuff was discussed

3.    Street signs- currently going around to other student groups to get help raising the 3 grand that we need as students to raise to get it done

a.    SACC, Greek life and other student groups on campus have been talked to

4.    Winter charity event- looks to be done early next semester

a.    Planning to do something with the hockey team

b.    For more information talk to Kimmy and ross cody

c.    Admin and Finance – Zach Filipovich

i.    No report

d.    Rep to Regents – Molly Tomfohrde

i.    Will not be here next week due to regents (Hannah will be with her)

e.    Freshmen President – Ava Heinrich

i.    Had a meeting Tuesday

1.    Went over logistics for the freshman Olympics

a.    Plans to be done in late january or early feb.

b.    Went over what they need, cost, groups

c.    Leaning to do something out doors

2.    If anyone has any ideas they would like to hear out input!

f.     Systems Administrator – Alex Carnes

g.    Student Legislative Coalition – Jason Reid

i.    LCP was Tuesday night

1.    Had Barbra Reielts at your meeting

2.    Was interviewed today about northern lights express

3.    If anyone has anything else to say about the MSLC please talk to Jason, we have till April to fully decide if we are a part of the MSLC…

a.    It seems if we do not decide to agree to the MSLC they will go on without us

4.    Has no idea what’s going on with the post cards

a.    To support the American Indian legislature- to show that there is support for this and a need for it- for legislatures to see

h.    Presidential Report – Hannah Mumm

i.    Welcome back everyone! J

ii.    Student satisfaction survey

1.    We are @ about 19%, the goal was 25%

2.    Not sure if there will be another email sent out

3.    Please urge people to take it! It will go far with the future of our school

iii.    Polar bear plunge

1.    Feb 18 in canal- in lake superior

2.    The group has been made

3.    You need $75 per person to jump

a.    This money will be going to the special Olympics

4.    Hannah won’t be able to jump but is willing to help fund raise

5.    And Lisa is willing to help raise money too!

6.    There will be a bus to and from this event from campus

iv.    Email from sue bonivitz

1.    Starting a new committee-brand new logo

a.     If you are interested in being on the committee email Hannah ASAP!

v.    Still need someone to sit on the campus change team

1.    We REALLY need someone to sit on this committee

a.    Shoot Hannah an email if you are interested

2.    This team is really focused on goal 2

3.    Meets monthly, usually on Fridays.

7.    Old Business

8.    New Business

a.    New positions

i.    Vice president of academic affairs

1.    Maddie nominates Harrison, he agrees

2.    Taylor nominates steve

3.    Kimmy nominates matt

4.    Hannah b. is automatically nominated

ii.    Public relations director

1.    Brittany nominates sean fin

2.    Matt nominates Kimmy

3.    Andy nominates ross Halverson

4.    Steve nominated Kelsey becker

iii.    Nominations will be open until Tuesday @ noon. Email cody s, Hannah and or Brittany n


9.    Director Reports

a.    Public Relations – Kevin Wehber

b.    Better Neighbors – Alex Aschenbrenner

c.    Bulldog Taxi – Andy Blackwell

d.    Campus Outreach – Taylor Glynn

e.    Rules and Elections – Matthew Weber

i.    Had r& e on mnday

ii.    Went through 15 and so we are almost done! J

iii.    Mac and PR thing will probs. go under article 7

f.     Senate – Harrison Defries

i.    Last Tuesday he had his last senate coordination meeting

1.    3 people showed up…

ii.    University senate was today

1.    There was a slight controversy w/ academic freedom

2.    Kailer Quotes

a.    876 million dollar surplus in state budget! J

b.    Transfer students with less than 14 credits, won’t be admitted into the TC campus anymore.

c.    Duluth should be seeing some of this money (surplus)-says president

d.    If moments (college outbursts) happen there will be NO violence!

g.    M.A.C. – Sean Finn

i.    Tim meeting

1.    Thanks ross and brad for attending

2.    Was thankful that we have really helped with the DC stuff

3.    Plans to launch —- next semester

4.    Was very open to some of the changes we had for the DC

a.    Heating the food differently

b.    Monitors in the DC

c.    New recipes for standing food

d.    Also noticing the dc structure is bad- stuck in the past

i.    Could there be a reno along with Kirby?

1.    No discussion on it so far- lisa might be the one to bring this up for discussion J

2.    Possibly a resolution from SA, on a DC reno

5.    Next meeting is dec 14 @ 9am

a.     And health services will be there too, along with procurement…

b.    Anyone can come, its free breakfast

ii.    Text book survey was approved in 1 day!

10.  Professional Student Personnel Reports

a.    Chief of Staff – Brittany Nystrom

i.    Please continue to check your mailboxes

ii.    I will not be holding anyone accountable to office hours finals week

iii.    Over break look for an email for me to sign up for your new office hours!

b.    Graphic Designer — Tyler Schumann

11.  Balla Award

a.    Kimmy gives the balla award to TJ!!!

12.  Advisors Minute

a.    Will be jumping in polar plunge

b.    Anyone who participated in his office bday banner

c.    Kirby leadership institute- he will be leading one of the workshops

i.    Get going now- about how to better our future

ii.    Wednesday @ 4pm

d.    Remember you can always use Corbin as resource J

13.  Open Announcements

a.    Tj- if anyone is interested Friday at sat are girls hockey games

i.    Wear pink on sat for breast cancer awareness

ii.    Games at 7pm

b.    Steve- next Tuesday at 7pm planetarium show free

c.    Cody ross- Bentleyville tonight around 7 for those who want to go! J

d.    Did not send out agendas to his group

e.    Hannah b-Target behavior (play) starts tonight, $6

f.     Marissa-man of the year???

g.    Molly- A3 reports…

h.    Bennie- kwanzaa Dec. 10  with bsa & salsa dancing in the mayer on Dec. 3?

i.      Kelsey- when will we know when spring congress b

14.  Adjournment

a.    Tj motioned, seconded by bennie