gemini 2 review Executive Meeting Minutes

Executive Meeting Minutes

EXEC Agenda

11-15-2011 5pm

KSC 264

1.       Call to Order

2.       Presidential Report

a.       Paper printing

                                 i.      For congress there will only be half or less than half of the amount of memebers who are at congress- getting copies of the

b.      Thank you

                                 i.      Doesn’t believe she has ever said that you for everything we have done and the amount of work we have done

                               ii.      Even though we have so much on our plate (finals, breaks), still encouraging us to keep doing the great job we have been doing thus far this yuear

                              iii.      Very excited to see what great things we will be accomplishing this year

c.       Student Satisfaction Survey

                                 i.      Will be getting an email- from Hannah and mary kenon

                               ii.      Please take the survey and go on facebook and invite ALL yoru friends to the page- to get them to take the survey aswell

                              iii.      Playoff Football game

1.       UMDSA exec’s will be attending a luncheon and watch the game from the chancellors sweet

2.       Email _____ by Thursday

d.      If you are interested in the polar bear plunge, the street signs meeting or anything else ask Hannah

3.       Executive Reports

a.       Academic Affairs

                                 i.      No meeting last week, one this week

                               ii.      More advancement at academic advising

1.       Talked to Jenny-got information

                              iii.      Taking with Alex A about some email thing

b.      Student Life

                                 i.      Dinning center day

1.       Is this THURSDAY!- Go get food from the DC

2.       Will help Tim figure out how pricing is with the students

                               ii.      Yell-like-hell

1.       Thanks to all who tabled last week

2.       Looks like we had a good turn out of responses

3.       Brad Bedford took 200 sheets to the greek life event tonight

4.       Sean and mac will be taking the responses and formulating the results

                              iii.      Winter charity event

1.       Ross and Kimmy are in charge

2.       If you have any suggestions or wants to help let them know

                             iv.      Street signs

1.       Finally had a meeting with john king?

a.       Finaaly has a estimated amount of how much these signs would cost

b.      They would be custom made

c.       Around 6 thousand is how much they would cost

d.      Asking for all student groups on campus to help raise at least half of this amount- facility management will fund the rest

                                                                                                         i.      The money will be raised- not coming out of SA budget

c.       Admin and Finance

                                 i.      The people I had needed to talk to about their money I have talked to

                               ii.      The copier money issue has already been resolved

                              iii.      Need to talk to hannah

d.      Freshman President

                                 i.      Meeting tonight at 7pm in PQ conference room

                               ii.      Still pushing people to add things to the google doc

                              iii.      Matt will be there!

e.      Board of Regents

                                 i.      Did not meet this month

1.       Hannah and molly will be going this December

                               ii.      Mollys half of her report is almost done

1.       Her partner on the report has finally started helping out

                              iii.      Sue banovitz…..

f.        Public Relations

                                 i.      Video is good to go

                               ii.      PR is going to help SL with the DC discount day

1.       All campus email out

g.       Rules and Elections

                                 i.      Meet yesterday with 3 dedicated members and Brittany J

                               ii.      Got through article 12!

1.       Making a lot of progress and proud

2.       Ross has been to all the meetings

                              iii.      If there is something name is changed just report on

                             iv.      Will be trying to get an email out with the changes by Wednesday night

h.      Campus Outreach

                                 i.      2 or 3 people still have not sent emails to their student groups

1.       Reminder emails will be sent out soon

i.         Senate

                                 i.      Senate Consultative Committee will be meeting this week

                               ii.      If they talk about anything relevant to UMD he will report on it next week

j.        Bulldog Taxi

                                 i.      Last time Hannah checked we were over 2775

                               ii.      Andy is working on a new campaign

1.       Reminding people that over breaks they can still use their cards

k.       Better Neighbors

                                 i.      Meet with Loretta and peer advisors for training

1.       Training continued tomorrow

                               ii.      Spring clean-up…

l.         Student Legislative Coalition

                                 i.      Zack- phone call with Chris over this weekend

1.       Another phone conference will be tonight at 8pm- will know if we are involved or not with support the U day planning

a.       Since we turned down the charter- Chris assumes we not be going to be a part of the planning of support the u day and what not

2.       Zack does not for see them keeping the charter as is, even if we are the only ones to vote against it

3.       We are the only other campus aside from the twin cities that has even voted on the charter yet

                               ii.      Post card campaign

1.       Direct of external affairs -Sue Banovitz – will be printing these out

2.       Tabling will take place soon- SA will help with this?

                              iii.      Small area plan stakeholder meeting

1.       This Thursday @ 830pm at city hall

                             iv.      LCP

1.       Sue Banovitz will be the guest speaker tonight

                               v.      Possible initiatives resolution @ congress

m.    MAC

                                 i.      Will be seeing an email from Sean on Thursday- it will be an in-depth written report

                               ii.      Text book survey

1.       Good to go- just waiting on information from AA to implement it

                              iii.      Possible new idea

1.       Asking pre farm, medical &grad students how they feel about having to leave halfway through their schooling (after 2 years)

n.      Chief of Staff

                                 i.      No holding anyone to their office hours for next week

                               ii.      Inquiry about how to talk to people who did not help with yell-like-hell

o.      Systems Admin

                                 i.      Presidents blog was up real quick

                               ii.      Got the first legitimate comment on the web site

1.       Having to do with yell-like-hell, having to do with food quality stuff

p.      Graphic Designer

                                 i.      Apologizes for not being here on time- he works all the time until 5

                               ii.      The SA banners at work

1.       Might take a week or 2 because they are backed up

2.       Went with a horizontal design

3.       Do we want one for each side of the pillar outside the banner

a.       Will cost more to have 2, and it will be coming out of PR’s budget

4.       Zack- questions if we have talked to Pat Kenon to see if we have permission yet

a.       Corbin has mentioned this to kevin before

q.      Chair of Congress

                                 i.      Not there-No report

4.       Open Announcements

a.       Corbin- vice chancellor Erwin wants to invite Exec’s to her house

                                 i.      On Dec 13th– for it is right before finals week- Hannah will confirm this with her

b.      Sean- would be interesting to look into a monitor for the office- from a PR stand point

                                 i.      Would be directed to the students and would be facing outside the office

                               ii.      TJ has a ton of TV’s in his office right now- and already plans on putting them up by December (sometime)

1.       There are 5 different locations in which they will be places around the Kirby student center

c.       Corbin is going to be in the twin cities Wednesday (tomorrow) and in idiana next week- so he will not be here- you can text him if you need him

5.       Adjourn

a.       Motioned by TJ, seconded by travis