gemini 2 review Congress Minutes

Congress Minutes

UMD Student Association

*KPLZ 312*

November 3, 2011


1.    Call to Order at 5:00 PM

2.    Guest Introductions

a.    Dr. Lisa Erwin

i.    Spoke about how various departments have combined into Student Life.

ii.    3 open positions (1 student) on committee for dining service director search committee.

1.    Looking for people who are well versed in the dining services and knows the ins and outs.

2.    Randy Hanson (run university farm) and Susanna Woodward are both on this committee.

3.    Susanna chairs the committee.

iii.    Another position being created is an Associate Vice Chancellor search committee

1.     Will be bringing that committee to congress for members.

iv.    University is looking inward and outward for hiring someone for both positions.

3.    Roll Call – Brittany Nystrom

4.    Approval of the Minutes

a.    Approved

5.    Approval of Agenda

a.    Approved

6.    Executive Reports

a.    Academic Affairs – Travis Lindberg

i.    AA meeting tonight.

ii.    None next weekend due to Travis’ brothers wedding.

iii.    Check your email for the email from Travis on the student leader survey

1.    Those who participate in the survey will be entered into a drawing to win a 25$ gift card.

b.    Student Affairs – TJ Kiewatt

i.    Yell-like-hell

1.    Next week Tuesday-Thursday

2.    Facebook event has been made post on your Facebook and add friends to the list.

ii.    Food quality

1.    Go get DC lunch on November 17th

a.    Use your Dining Dollars to get 50 cents off your meal and it is tax-free.

iii.    Penny Drive with the Student athletics advisory committee for our winter charity event.

1.    November 7-11 and 14-18.

c.    Admin and Finance –Zach Filipovich

i.    Mayor Ness forum went well despite SA lack of support.

1.    Questions went for the entire hour.

2.    All answers were written down

a.    Contact Zach if you would like to see those.

ii.    Student Group Checks

1.    Checks have been written and are ready for pick-up at Lauras desk

2.    If you know anyone who hasn’t claimed let them know where to go.

3.    Sign being made to direct them to Lauras desk.

d.    Rep to Regents – Molly Tomfohrde

i.    Master plan facilities meeting

1.    Looking for one more student position to sit on the committee.

2.    Come see Molly if you are interested in details.

ii.    Master plan committee wants more student input and wanting to see some input from yell-like-hell to pertain to this committee.

e.    Freshmen President – Ava Heinrich

i.    Freshman committee times will be changed due to conflict with SLC meeting time.

f.     Systems Administrator—Alex Carnes

i.    No Report

g.    Student Legislative Coalition – Jason Reid

i.    First official SLC meeting this week.

1.    A lot of info covered at the meeting.

ii.    MSLC charter will be brought to congress next week instead of this week due to a few conflicts and they want as much input as possible.

iii.    Jason will be making Ness answers available to SA members.

iv.    Postcard campaign will be going out for the American Indian Learning Center next week.

v.    Vote next Tuesday in the city council elections.

h.    Presidential Report – Hannah Mumm

i.    Hannah is at the ACUI meeting and will have a full report next week.

ii.    Random fact of the week: European doctors in 1557 prescribed smoking as a cure for bad breath/cancer!

iii.    Have a great weekend <3 Hannah

7.    Old Business

8.    New Business

9.    Director Reports

a.    Public Relations – Kevin Wehber

i.    Meet your representative

1.    Will be coming up and will be getting people to participate.

ii.    The bulldog welcome week video

1.    Will be coming to congress next week.

iii.    SA will be getting buttons.

b.    Better Neighbors – Alex Aschenbrenner

i.    Fall clean up this Saturday from 11-1

1.    Meeting in Solon Campus Center.

ii.    Renter forum and education coming up.

c.    Bulldog Taxi – Andy Blackwell

i.    Apply to SSF.

ii.    If anyone is interested in being bulldog taxi director talk to Andy and he can start training you on the position (this does not guarantee you the position)

d.    Campus Outreach – Taylor Glynn

i.    Student Group Emails

1.    Only 15 have emailed their groups.

2.    Email your groups by Friday.

3.    Will be sharing FAQ’s from groups.

e.    Rules and Elections – Matthew Weber

i.    No bylaws this week due to Matts birthday.

1.    Coming in 2 weeks because MSLC charter is next week and doesn’t want to cut into their time.

ii.    R&E will have a meeting this week

1.    All are welcome (Mondays at 6)

iii.    There is a new committee being formed (misconduct committee)

1.    If you want more info talk to Matt.

iv.    After the new committee coming to congress bylaws, bylaws, and more bylaws!

f.     Senate – Harrison Defries

i.    No university senate/student senate meeting in November.

ii.    8pm on Tuesday for training on protocol for going to the U of M.

g.    M.A.C. – Sean Finn

i.    Food Quality Stuff

1.    Focus group next Tuesday November 8th 2-3pm.

a.    Emails have been sent to participants.

2.    Let Sean know via email if you are interested in helping with food quality.

3.     Dining Dollars event coming up (Nov. 17)

a.    The reason for doing the discount day at the DC is to make it more accessible to all students.

ii.    MAC will be gathering results from Yell-Like-Hell.

10.  Professional Student Personnel Reports

a.    Chief of Staff – Brittany Nystrom

i.    If you have not received a binder yet please email me

ii.    If you are not receiving the minutes from congress please leave me a now on my desk.

b.    Graphic Designer — Tyler Schumann

i.    No report

11.  Balla Award

a.    From Maddie to Taylor for all her hard work on the student group advocates.

12.  Advisors Minute

a.    No report

13.  Open Announcements

a.    Blackwoods SA outing for dinner next Thursday at 7pm after all committee meetings

b.    Go to the planetarium show on Friday.

c.    3 open positions for tabling

d.    Bug opens tonight and it is pay what you can tonight and is available for the next 3 weekends

e.    Let Taylor know if you want to add anything SA related to go into the bi-weekly Statesman article.

14.  Adjournment

a.    Motioned by TJ seconded by Travis