gemini 2 review Executive Meeting Minutes

Executive Meeting Minutes

EXEC Agenda


SCC 120


1.       Call to order

2.       Ally Training with Danny and Angie

a.       What do we hope to learn through doing this training?

b.      Platinum Rule- Treat others how they want to be treated

c.       Dominant/Subordinated Groups

d.      Homework

i.      Examples of un-inclusive/disrespectful situations

ii.      Remember NOT to use actual names or our own!

3.       Presidential report-Hannah

a.       ACUI Conference

i.      Nov 3rd-5th – will be gone during this time.

b.      Woodland Signs/ Polar Bear Plunge

i.      We are still looking for people to sit on the Woodland signs conversation if you are interested please email me.

ii.      Also if you are interested in more information regarding Polar Plunge or are interested in participating email me as well I have running lists for both.

c.       October 28th

i.      President Kaler will be here for a luncheon with Chancellor Black and 60 student leaders from across campus.

ii.      After that luncheon there is the walkout on Griggs Field to show support for the MC.

1.       Will be giving the Welcome Speech!

iii.      FYE has asked for Mac and PR to film the rally

4.       Executive Reports

a.       Academic Affairs- Travis

i.      No report

b.      Student Affairs- TJ

i.      The Flag football tournament went great.

1.        Had 6 teams register and compete.

2.        Had a ton of help from SA, GSS, and TKE, and thank you cards will be sent out in the coming week.

ii.      Tailgating and Student Section

1.       Since tailgating was not mandatory there really was no one there to help… we did however do check cheers with other people who were doing them- student liked this!

2.       The student section was filled, however there was confusion since people thought they could not sit in the section since they were caution taped off.

iii.      Yell Like Hell

1.       Event will be happening the 2nd week in November

2.       Facebook event, Statesman article/ad, posters, etc will be generated in the next week.

3.       Tabling sign-up sheets will be done this week or next at congress

a.       We will be tabling Tuesday Nov. 8-Thursday Nov 10 from 10am-2pm

c.       Admin & Finance- Zach

i.      Mayor Don Ness is coming next week! J

ii.      Considering taking a bold position for SSF

d.      Board of Regents- Molly

i.      No report

e.      Public Relations- Kevin

i.      No report

f.        Rules and Elections- Matt

i.      No report

g.       Campus Out Reach- Taylor

i.      No report

h.      Senate- Harrison

i.      Ni report

i.        Bulldog Taxi- Andy

i.      No there- so no report

j.        Better Neighbors- Alex A.

i.      No report

k.       Student Legislative Coalition- Jason

i.      Not there- no report

l.        MAC- Sean

i.      No report

m.    Chief of Staff-Brittany

i.       Just a reminder- please make sure minutes are taken at meetings and emailed to me within 2 days of the meeting

1.       Also make sure to keep attendance at meetings!

n.      Systems Admin. – Alex C.

i.      No report

o.      Graphic Designer- Tyler

i.      Not there- no report

p.      Chair of Congress- Cody

i.      No report

q.      Freshman President- Ava

i.      First freshman meeting will be tonight (Tuesday) at 7pm!

5.       Adjournment

a.       At 610pm the ally training ended- we all left then