gemini 2 review Congress Minutes

Congress Minutes

UMD Student Association

*KPLZ 312*

October 27th, 2011

1.    Call to Order at 5:00 PM

2.    Guest Introductions

a.    Dr. Lisa Erwin

i.    message she wanted to be shared even though she was not there

1.    On Halloween she will be tabling from 1130am-1pm to get people to go to the street sign conversation

2.    Still needs names for SA members to talk about street signs

3.    Roll Call – Brittany Nystrom

4.    Approval of the Minutes

5.    Approval of Agenda

6.    Executive Reports

a.    Academic Affairs – Travis Lindberg

i.    Academic Affairs will not be meeting tonight

1.     However we will be meeting next Thursday November 3rd right after congress!

ii.    We’re going to go over the progress on the Textbook Rental project

1.    There will be bringing lots of reading materials for academic advising.

2.    Shouldn’t be too long of a meeting 🙂

iii.    Oh…..and R&E rocks. That is all.

b.    Student Affairs – TJ Kiewatt

i.     The Flag football tournament went great.

1.    Had 6 teams register and compete.

2.    Had a ton of help from SA, GSS, and TKE, and thank you cards will be sent out in the coming week.

ii.    Tailgating and Student Section

1.    Since tailgating was not mandatory there really was no one there to help… we did however do cheek cheers with other people who were doing them- student liked this!

2.    The student section was filled, however there was confusion since people thought they could not sit in the section since they were caution taped off.

iii.    Yell Like Hell

1.    Event will be happening the 2nd week in November

2.    Facebook event, Statesman article/ad, posters, etc will be generated in the next week.

3.    Tabling sign-up sheets will be done this week or next at congress

a.     We will be tabling Tuesday Nov. 8-Thursday Nov 10 from 10am-2pm

iv.    Angie from GLBT services is looking for someone to help move boxes for an elderly lesbian couple

1.    This Saturday from 10-2pm

c.    Admin and Finance –Zach Filipovich

i.    Student group checks will be written out by the end of next week

ii.    They can come get them then

d.    Rep to Regents – Molly Tomfohrde

i.    No report

e.    Freshmen President – Ava Heinrich

i.    On Tuesday they had their first meeting

1.    Matt showed up and was a huge help

2.    A lot of great ideas-narrowed down to

a.    Wifi project

b.    Increasing freshman school pride

f.      Systems Administrator—Alex Carnes

i.    Not here- no report

g.    Student Legislative Coalition – Jason Reid

i.    Next week MSLC resolution will be brought to congress- somewhat long

ii.    Next week on Nov 2nd Mayor Don Ness will be here starting at 4 pm

iii.    LCP intro meeting was last night

1.    Next week is the next meeting  on Tuesday at 7pm

h.    Presidential Report – Hannah Mumm

i.    Polar plunge

1.    On February 18th

2.    Would really like it if we can have at least 8  people

3.    Email Hannah if you want to participate or just want more info

ii.    Luncheon tomorrow with the chancellor black and president Kaler

iii.    Football field rally

1.    At noon on the football field

2.    Hannah will be speaking

iv.    Pres. blog is running behind

1.    Middle to next week will be posted

2.    Please email Hannah your blogs if you have not sent her your info yet- do so ASAP

v.    Board of Pubs

1.    Met today and Hannah M and Hannah B were the only 2 who showed up

2.    We have at least 7 members who sits on this board

3.    Please make sure to be there for the next meeting

4.    And if you cannot make the meetings send an email to Jesse Eaton

7.    Old Business

8.    New Business

a.    Open Positions

i.    Freshman Representative (1)

1.    Cody d nominated Bennie and Ava seconded

a.    Vote count: 27-0-3, Bennie is the new fresh rep!

b.    Annual Bylaw Changes Discussion

i.    Matt motioned to bring this to the floor, Marissa seconded

1.    Matt moves Article1 to be accepted with all new changes, Andy seconded

a.    Marissa motions to table Article 1, seconded by Sean

i.    Vote count: 28-0-1, motion passes

2.    Matt moves Article 2 to be accepted with all new changes, Marissa seconded

3.    Matt makes a motion to bring discussion to Article 6, steve seconded

a.    Section 2, letter A, number 7- being discussed

i.    States- Chair of congress shall be under the direct responsibility of the president

b.    Section 2, letter A, number 5- being discussed

i.    The amount of time to be sent out to congress – 12 or 24 hours- more liking for 24 hours

c.    Section 2, letter D, number 1

i.    Possibly putting it back on to population for representatives

ii.    This would mean that we would be adding people

4.    Matt makes a motions to table the rest of the bylaws till later

9.    Director Reports

a.    Public Relations – Kevin Wehber

i.    There are people who have not been showing up to PR- please make sure to show up or email Kevin

ii.    Meeting tonight after congress in Kirby lounge

iii.    Tabling sheets

1.    Mayor Don Ness tabling Nov 1st

2.    Meet your Representative

a.    Will be like a 45 sec video to say who you are and like what you want to do within SA.

b.    Better Neighbors – Alex Aschenbrenner

i.    City clean-up is Sat. Nov 5th at 11am-1pm

1.    Meet in the wedge

2.    Not a mandatory event

ii.    Currently meeting with the office of civic engagement- to try to get volunteer hours

iii.    Also meeting with Joann-student with conduct violations also help

c.    Bulldog Taxi – Andy Blackwell

i.    No report

d.    Campus Outreach – Taylor Glynn

i.    Sent out an email at the beginning of congress

ii.    Each of us got assigned 4 student groups

iii.    Email Taylor if you have any questions

e.    Rules and Elections – Matthew Weber

i.    R & E look for an email tonight from me

f.      Senate – Harrison Defries

i.    Will start handling senate affairs with emails with senators

g.    M.A.C. – Sean Finn

i.    Survey

1.    Finished revisions of surveys- approval from Jeff and Tim

2.    Now need to be looked over by advisor

3.    This weekend writing a request

4.    Target date is early to mi November

5.    Results by the end of November

ii.    Tabling for focus groups went well got over 20 people

iii.    Meeting next Tuesday at 9am with MAC and SA with Tim.

iv.    If you have any thing you need help

10.  Professional Student Personnel Reports

a.    Chief of Staff – Brittany Nystrom

i.    No report

b.    Graphic Designer — Tyler Schumann

11.  Balla Award

a.    Brittany gives the award to Maddie

12.  Advisors Minute

a.    Good work on the bylaws- will try to be quiet

i.    If Corbin is not here, Jordan could be the person to ask about procedures

b.    Please try to come to take a stand tomorrow- on the football field

c.    The process for giving out student service funs is underway

i.    Applications due January 27

13.  Open Announcements

a.    Duluth Rotary

i.    Donation of Crutches

1.    If you know anyone who has any they do not need please bring in- going to Africa!

14.  Adjournment

a.    Motioned by marissa, seconded by steve