gemini 2 review Executive Meeting Minutes

Executive Meeting Minutes

EXEC Agenda
10-4-2011 5pm
KSC 264

1. Call to Order
2. Introduction of Guests
a. Danny Frank- FYE
i. About danny-Oversees the freshman seminar program
ii. Ideas about the youtube video issue
1. A concert/rally, or some sort of big visual event this fall-using football field
2. A way to show that the school and students are there to support the multicultural center
iii. How did you come to be here week-like showing how and where students came from
1. If SA could be a driving force behind this, that would be great
iv. Travis proposed a white privilege type of seminar for the spring semester
v. The personal journey is not looked at when looking at diversity.
1. Training on privilege, leadership-Danny is willing to help with doing something with this
2. Hannah like this idea, because it will help us as SA members grow and understand the students we are here to support
a. It’s better to be educated before and event, instead of after something has happened
3. Presidential Report
i. No exec next week. Instead please go to this, can’t be mandatory but is highly recommended to go!
1. Wear SA t-shirts and/or nametags please!
2. Oct 11 @ 5pm in the ballroom!
ii. Is an open forum and Hannah might speak at it
b. Fall Retreat Oct 8th 11-3
i. This Saturday at 11 am
ii. Email Brittany before 5pm on Thursday otherwise it is excused
iii. The potluck sign up was sent out. Please make sure to bring the thing the thing you signed up for (enough for 50 people)!
iv. Agenda will be worked on later this week, and for sure charades will be played
1. Will be emailed out by Friday, no need to print it out
v. Please wear your name tags
vi. And its casual formal
c. SA photos
i. This week Thursday at congress
ii. Please dress up @ least business casual- there will be a full body shot on the stairs
iii. This will be the official SA picture
d. Exec breakfast
i. Next Thursday @ 730am
ii. If you can drive please let Hannah know
1. we will plan on car pooling
4. Executive Reports
a. Academic Affairs-travis
i. No meeting this week not next week
ii. Must vote on a new chair
iii. Still in the process of getting the ball growing on each initative, and how to make them grow and go beyond this year
1. Will get a list of where he wasn’t to be by the end of the year
b. Student Affairs-TJ
i. No meeting this week, rescudualing the meeting next week
ii. A lot of meeting be set up and taking place
1. Meeting tomorrow meeting with Tim in the DC @ 8am
2. Had a meeting with Karen strombe
a. Student sections
iii. Meeting with doctor Kindroph has happened-things seemed promising about the signs
c. Admin and Finance-Zach
i. FAC Interviews going Great! (91 groups, a 26% increase from last year).
ii. Don’t touch the FAC Food.
iii. When Do we want Mayor Don Ness to come in? – November 1st or 2nd.
1. Wednesday from November 2nd from 12-2pm
d. Board of Regents-Molly
i. No report
e. Public Relations-Kevin
i. Picture congress
ii. Meet your rep-blurbs
iii. Presidential report
iv. Excited to have new members on Thursday
1. Will email Hannah initiatives list
v. Possibly hiring another position for video editing
1. Nothing in the bylaws about venders
2. Possibly start training in a freshman in this
f. Rules and Elections-Matt
i. Emailed out the rules to all of congress
ii. Working on splitting up the constitution and bylaws
iii. Brittany will get an email about who can be at fall retreat and who will and will not be at congress
iv. People who sit on the R&E committee expect an email soon
g. Campus Outreach-Taylor
i. We will be doing SA contracts for all student groups
1. Next week there will be a spreadsheet sent out
h. Senate-Senate-harrison
i. No report
i. Bulldog Taxi-Andy
i. No report
j. Better Neighbors-Alex A.
i. Renters right forum next Tuesday @ 7pm
ii. If someone has time this week someone PLEASE hang up the posters!
k. Student Legislative Coalition-Jason
i. Jason will actually be at exec in person next week!
ii. LCP
1. Applications are due today (Tuesday) at 5pm
a. there were 7 applications that came in
b. training will start ASAP after interviews
iii. Director of leg. Affairs
1. I spoke with Betty Greene (former assistant to Grex Fox). We are meeting with the new director of Legislative Affairs on Friday.
2. Senate Capitol Investment committee is visiting UMD in 2 week for the first bonding bill meeting
3. Governor Dayton is here on Friday doing an Economic Development Forum at 1-230pm in Ballroom.
iv. MSLC
1. Hannah (correct me if I’m wrong) is going to speak to Chris from TC Campus on the MSLC issues on Friday? Next week we will discuss this in Exec. I will not discuss this with congress yet.
l. MAC-Sean
i. New person Amanda just came into the office to join MAC today
ii. DC meeting about focus group
iii. Academic affairs surveys-where the books come from & course guide, implementation of diversity minors
iv. Student affairs survey- bleachers , food quality , maximum pay for parking
v. Mac and PR- working
m. Chief of Staff-Brittany
i. Contact sheets will be put in mail boxes next week hopefully-once I get all the freshman information
ii. We now have 2 senate spots avliable and 2 rep at larges
iii. After the retreat I plan to decorate the office
iv. Volleyball game
n. Systems Admin-Alex
i. Top searches ar now TJ and molly
ii. Comments from foreign places are still coming
iii. Updated SA website
o. Graphic Designer-Tyler
i. New poster requests have been put in the box
ii. Posters for outside the office he wants to work on soon-just needs to figure out the budge for it
p. Chair of Congress-Cody
i. No report/not here
5. Open Announcements
a. Small area plan
i. Went really well, students from UMD and Scholastica were there
b. Volley ball game info- encouraged to go its Oct. 11
6. Adjourn
a. Kevin-motioned
b. Matt seconded