gemini 2 review Congress Minutes

Congress Minutes

UMD Student Association
*KPLZ 312*
October 6, 2011

1. Call to Order at 5:00 PM
2. Guest Introductions
a. Lisa Erwin is a full time guess but had an announcement for this meeting
i. There is going to be a brainstorming session on the topic of the street signs surrounding campus
1. The meeting will be on Wednesday October 12 at 5pm in the Griggs center
3. Roll Call – Brittany Nystrom
4. Approval of the Minutes
5. Approval of Agenda
6. Executive Reports
a. Academic Affairs – Travis Lindberg
i. No meeting this week
ii. Normal meetings are Thursday after congress
iii. Heavily talked about initiatives for the
1. Will be talking with Corbin and Lisa about library imitative
2. Will be at the mac meeting tonight to discuss surveys
b. Student Affairs – TJ Kiewatt
i. No meeting this week-miss communication
ii. Usually meets Tuesdays at 6pm
iii. Next week’s meeting will be at a different time because of the SPAT out.
iv. Food quality meeting with Tim Bushnal- went really well
1. Went really well, meals to go are still in the works
2. Nutritional guide might be elecronical
3. Menus might be
4. Karen Strombe is super excited to be working with us for fan fare
A. Meeting with
v. Flag football is Friday before homecoming-Oct. 21
1. Will be talking with Gamma Sigma Sigma & TKE to help with it
vi. Yell like hell will be the week after homecoming
c. Finance / Budget, Loans and Grants –Zach Filipovich
i. Jason is given the report for Zach, he is at
ii. 91 student groups are being interviewed,
1. 26% increase from last year
2. After the fall retreat they will be doing the suggestions
3. At congress next week he will provide their recommendation funds
iii. Mayor don ness will hopefully be here Nov. 2 for a forum
d. Presidential Report – Hannnah Mumm
i. No exec meeting this next Tuesday- SPAT OUT instead
1. On Tuesday at 5pm in the ballroom
ii. Fall retreat this Saturday
1. Will be in the rafters from 11am-3pm
2. If you have not emailed Brittany (except freshman)
iii. Exec breakfast car pooling
1. If you can drive and have room please let Hannah know as soon as possible
iv. Lack of respect in the office
1. Lately there has been a lack of respect for one another
2. Please be respectful during disagreements or misunderstanding
e. Rep to Regents – Molly Tomfohrde
i. Will be gone next week- will be in the twin cities for board of regents meeting
f. Freshman president- Ava
i. Really excited to be hear and to get excited to get working with SA
g. Webmaster- Alex Carnes
i. No report
h. SLC- Jason
i. LCP interviews started today
1. There were 8 applicants
ii. Meeting with Betty Greene & Director of External Affairs @ 230pm on Friday
iii. On Nov. 2nd Don Ness will be coming in for a forum
7. Old Business- pictures is temporarily tabled until new business has occurred
8. New Business
a. Open Positions
i. Senators
1. LSBE (2)
A. Harrison nominated Kendra, Kevin seconded this
1. Vote count: 15:
B. Waqas nominated Ryan Gurmley, seconded by marissa.
1. Vote count: 10
C. Hannah motions to vote to have both as senator, tj seconded
1. Vote count- 26:0:2 both
2. CEHSP (2)
ii. Representatives at Large (2 Open)
1. Travis nominated tyler, kimmy seconded
2. Marissa nominated Vicky, matt seconded
A. Vote count for both: 29:0:2-passed
9. Director Reports
a. Public Relations – Kevin Wehber
i. Pictures will be on the website
ii. Meeting in the food quart
iii. Meet your Members campaign
iv. If you want something in the statesmen article let me know asap
b. Better Neighbors – Alex Aschenbrenner
i. Renters rights forum next Tuesday at 7pm
c. Bulldog Taxi – Andy Blackwell
i. No report
d. Campus Outreach – Taylor Glynn
i. We will be doing SA contracts for all student groups
1. Next week there will be a spreadsheet sent out

e. Rules and Elections – Matthew Weber
i. Next week new freshman will be introduced.
f. Senate – Harrison Defries
i. Appoligize for the confusion earlier in congress
ii. First senate meeting today
1. Mandatory event-so please make sure you ARE at it, even if it is for only a little bit
2. There was a presidential address was GREAT
A. Diversity was important to him
B. Weight to the degrees of the campus’s
C. Bringing in more grad students-for further studies
D. Main point was working on efficiencies
g. M.A.C. – Sean Finn
i. Academic affairs survey
1. Where you buy your books
ii. Student affairs
1. Focus group for DC/food went well
2. Random selection
3. Dinning center survey
4. Dinning dollars/deals on given days
5. Bleacher survey
10. Professional Student Personnel Reports
a. Chief of Staff – Brittany Nystrom
i. Polar Bear Plunge is coming up and I’m hoping to get an SA team together
1. So start thinking about if you want to do it! ☺
ii. Volleyball game is next week on the 11th at 7PM- its dig for a cure (raising money for breast cancer)
1. I suggest going, since we are trying to also build a relationship with the sports teams.
iii. We (SA) are entered into the Office Decorating homecoming competition
1. I will be decorating the office after fall retreat!
A. If anyone wants to help please come to the office! ☺
iv. New members please stay after congress to give me your information
b. Graphic Designer- Tyler Schumann
i. No report
11. Balla Award
a. Slight background-Originally a point ball award/trophy
b. Kimmy is giving the Balla award to FAC.
12. Advisors Minute- corbin
a. Won’t be here tomorrow.
b. Dress nice for the breakfast next week-exec’s
13. Open Announcements
a. Stage 2- student run theater company, show tonight starting tonight
i. In mpac and only 5 dollars
14. Adjournment
a. Motioned by harrison , seconded by steve