gemini 2 review Congress Minutes

Congress Minutes

1. Call to Order at 5:00 PM
2. Guest Introductions- sign language person- jody( will be here every Thursday)
3. Roll Call – Brittany Nystrom
4. Approval of the Minutes
5. Approval of Agenda
6. Executive Reports
a. Student Affairs – TJ Kiewatt
i. Implementing a salad bar over daily special( one thing working on)
ii. Bag lunch/backpacks for the DC
iii. Fanfare is being worked on/contact info will be made
iv. Swenson science-progress is being made
v. During homecoming SA is putting on a flag football tournament- at Malesky stadium on Friday Oct. 21 starting a@ 6pm
b. Finance / Budget, Loans and Grants –Zach Filipovich
i. Just got back from inauguration of new president
ii. Finance and slc will be doing a joint project this year( topic=tuition)
c. Presidential Report – Hannnah Mumm
d. Rep to Regents – Molly Tomfohrde
i. Handout from inauguration
e. Freshmen President –
f. Webmaster—Alex Carnes
i. Member list will be updated on the website soon
g. SLC director -Jason Reid(permanent move)
i. SLC meetings are on Mondays
ii. LCP membership is low-deadline is now extended to Oct. 4th
iii. Dinkytown type idea- woodland middle school is top location
1. Focus groups will be on Oct. 4th
h. Academic Affairs- Travis
i. Brittany gave the report
1. Stated what the 4 initiatives they have been chosen
2. Stated when the meeting times are
7. Old Business
8. New Business
a. Open Positions
i. Senators
1. LSBE (1)
2. CEHSP (1)
3. SCSE (1)
ii. Representatives at Large (1 Open)
iii. Freshmen Representatives (5 Open)
iv. Freshman President
v. Freshman Vice-President
b. Campus Change Team Resolution—Sovann Khong
i. Sovann moves to accept his resolution
1. 2ABD, 6ABD are the ones chosen for the change team
2. 2 and 6 are action steps and then the letters are sub action steps
3. Vote- 22:0:5 passes
c. M.A.C. Resolution—Sean Finn
i. Sean motioned to move his resolution, steve seconded
1. New members are being presented(4 of the members are here at congress)
2. 2 more people are now being added to the MAC team
3. Hand vote:23:0:5
9. Director Reports
a. Public Relations – Kevin Wehber
i. Meetings are after congress in Kirby lounge
ii. Currently working with SLC to get them more members
iii. If you do need PR work please let him know! ☺
b. Better Neighbors – Alex Aschenbrenner
i. Lisa Erwin approved the bbq neighborhood party
1. Replacing the collect neighbors info and then get money
c. Bulldog Taxi – Andy Blackwell
i. If you haven’t read the states man please do!
1. Stating we already have 21 thousand people signed up
ii. Please explain what bulldog taxi to people come in
iii. 2428 was grand total for last year, today we are at 2416 signed up
d. Campus Outreach – Taylor Glynn
i. Leadership assembly is at 3&7pm on Sept. 27
e. Rules and Elections – Matthew Weber
i. Voting website still in progress
ii. Signup sheet for tabling in LSH lobby 12-4, next Thursday and Friday
1. Please fill this out/sign up
f. Senate – Harrison Defries
i. Senators- should be getting paper copy for the Oct. 6 meeting(library 410)
1. Please dress up somewhat for this
ii. First SSCC meeting was this last Monday
g. M.A.C. – Sean Finn
i. Finally have the results for the freshman survey
ii. Had a 20.8% return rate (200 out of 1 thousand people)
10. Professional Student Personnel Reports
a. Chief of Staff – Brittany Nystrom
i. If you still haven’t gotten your information to me PLEASE do ASAP
ii. If you have not gotten a binder see me after congress
1. The only sheet not in the new binders is an updated better neighbor sheet
iii. Reminder that fall retreat is Oct. 8 at 11am
iv. Hannah strongly suggested signing up for tabling
b. Graphic Designer — Tyler Schumann
i. Video is in the editing process from bulldogs bash
ii. Posters have been done and will be continued to be done
iii. Posters for outside the office (advertising the office)
11. Balla Award
a. Hannah Mumm had the award and Tj is passing it on to matt ( congress agrees)
b. Matt is the new holder of the balla award
12. Advisors Minute
a. Corbin says hello
b. Thanks for the taste of Kirby support(great open house)
c. Cardboard boat race (oct 20th) and first chariot race(oct 22) are during homecoming week
i. Corbin really wants SA to participate in this
13. Open Announcements
a. Flowers for mary jo- money due Wednesday to tj- bring $1-$1.50
b. Signs for the office- sa members seemed to like the idea
14. Adjournment
a. Marrissa motioned for adjournment
b. Tj seconded